Recorded Memories is an Indie main stay that has served Spokane since 1987.

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We offer a wide selection of vinyl, Cd’s, cassettes, DVDs, videos and even a few 8-tracks. You can also peruse our vast array of memorabilia including posters, shirts, stickers and so much more. We stock turntables, vintage and new. We have a selection of CD players and other electronic gear as well. We don’t cater to any specific style to the point of alienating another. You are likely to hear Elvis Costello, The Everly Brothers, Saxon, The Woodentops, Nick Cave, Reverend Horton Heat, They Might Be Giants, Rockabilly, Jann Arden, The Beautiful South, Johnny Cash and The Ramones etc on any given shopping experience. However, with that said, we definitely have a dominance for the 80′s. If you miss your 80′s and want to step back in time we’ve got you covered from new wave to the hair bands. We have a massive KISS selection. We do NOT carry an extensive Rap or Hip Hop vinyl section, we do carry some old school R&B and Rap on tape and CD.

We offer well over 10,000 new and used Cd’s, and even more vinyl than that, to give you that wax fix you’ve been needing. If you have a classic, stock hot rod and need cassettes, we currently exceed 2,000 categorized tapes. We have well over 10,000 new and used Cd’s, and even more vinyl than that, to give you that wax fix you’ve been looking for. We stand behind what we sell with a 2 week guarantee against a physical defect with your original receipt. It doesn’t matter if it’s a turntable or a used tape. Additionally, a portion of our selection is on consignment adding to some unique treasures in our vinyl and Cd’s. This is especially true for those Jazz fans out there!

If we don’t have something we can get that hard to find gem. We accept checks, debit, Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We’ll even take cash! A plethora of aural delights awaits you at Recorded Memories! The thing about Indies by and large is we know a far greater proportion of the music out there than a chain store. It’s like taking your car to a mechanic vs taking your car to someone that just started working in the automotive department of a ‘box’ store, who worked in bedding the day before. We’ve heard some amazing stories over the years when people have visited the chains!